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The Company

     All Around Nutrition is dedicated to providing evidence-based fueling strategies to all individuals looking to conquer their health and/or performance goals.  Whether you are aiming for Olympic gold, trying to shed some pounds, or improve your family's health, All Around Nutrition is motivated to play a part in helping you attain your personal victory - "Fueling victory on and off the field".

     When working with athletes, All Around Nutrition stresses how nutrition plays an immense role into getting an edge over your competition. Our goal is to provide all athletes with the education, guidelines, and motivation so that they can perform at the best of their ability, conquer their goals, and become a champion.

    Although All Around Nutrition was originally dedicated to sports nutrition alone, we now work one-on-one with all individuals looking to improve their health. All Around Nutrition does not believe in "dieting" however we do believe in modifying your current diet to create a sustainable lifestyle that allows you to still enjoy the foods your eating but while crushing your health goals!

The Dietitian

My name is Taylor Krippner, and I am the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist at All Around Nutrition. I was born and raised in Houston, TX and was blessed with the opportunity to compete as a Division One NCAA gymnast in the SEC for Auburn University. As a young gymnast I struggled with fueling my body adequately through proper nutrition. As I grew older and my goals became bigger, I made a change and realized the incredible impact nutrition can have in producing optimal results in both performance and overall health. Now after 19 years in the sport of gymnastics I received my Masters degree in Nutrition and became a Registered Dietitian as I am extremely passionate in providing other athletes professional nutrition guidance so that he/she can perform at their highest potential and achieve their dreams. 

Professional Organizations:

  • Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics 

  • Collegiate & Professional Sports Dietitians Association

  • Sports, Cardiovascular & Wellness Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group

  • Nutrition Entrepreneurs Dietetic Practice Group