Specialty Lab Testing

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Cellular Nutrition Assay

Tests 52 micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids) and 48 antioxidants for potential insufficiencies and immune functioning status.  This intracellular test gives you a long term snapshot (6-9 months) of your nutrient status, as opposed to extracellular testing that you would receive at most doctors offices showing a short term snapshot (1 month) of your nutrient status. As a result, you will be able to see the EXACT nutritional markers you need to improve in order to optimize your health/performance.

Best For:

  • Health Optimization

  • Sports Performance

  • Weight Management

  • Pre/Post Surgery

  • Women's Health 

  • Low Energy, Fatigue, Stress

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Chronic Conditions

GI Microbial Assay Plus

Overwhelmingly, research indicates that gut health plays a major role on the impact of overall health. The gut microbiome, in particular, plays a critical role in mediating the effects of diet and other factors on health, including digestive, immune, metabolic and neuroendocrine functions. As a result of this comprehensive stool analysis, it can help find the root cause of chronic illness or any abnormal symptoms for individuals of all ages. Almost anyone can benefit from a gut health analysis.

Best For:


  • Mood Disorders
  • Brain Fog

  • Nausea, Acid Reflux

  • Weight Loss/Gain Issues

  • Diarrhea, Constipation, Bloat

  • Autoimmune Disease

  • Skin Related Problems

  • Diabetes

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Lipoprotein Particle Profile

Wonder why some individuals have heart attacks but had "normal" cholesterol levels? Studies have found that it is the lipoprotein particles that carry the cholesterol throughout the blood, not the cholesterol within them, that are responsible for key steps in plaque formation and the development of heart disease. Standard cholesterol testing does not tell us enough about the particle types of the LDL and HDL families; therefore, it misses the earliest opportunity to prevent adverse cardiovascular events. As a result of this test, you will be able to assess your TRUE risk of cardiovascular disease and know how to best intervene.

Best For:

  • Men 45+

  • Women 55+

  • Obesity
  • Cholesterol Concerns

  • Family History of Heart Disease

  • Health Optimization

Methyl Detox Profile

Our bodies are an extremely complex machine with various shifts and gears that need to work properly to function optimally. Methylation is a biological process that turns on/off those various shifts and gears so that EVERY system in our body can function optimally. Unfortunately, 50-60% of the population have a genetic mutation that makes it challenging for their bodies to methylate efficiently, which could be the root cause for potential issues. This test allows you to discover potential genetic mutations that could be the culprit to potential issues, with personalized interventions on how your body can begin to methylate optimally.

Best For Manifestation or Family History:

  • Heart/Kidney/Liver Disease

  • Diabetes/Metabolic Syndrome

  • Neuro/Musculoskeletal Disorders

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • Alzheimer's 


  • Sleep Disorders

  • Depression/Anxiety/Stress

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a monthly client?
No. You do not have to be a monthly client to have access to lab testing.
What's the cost?
Each test varies in pricing. There are also package deals if you want to take more than one test. Fill out the application so that we can get in touch to discuss cost.
Can infants or children test?
The GI Microbial Assay Plus test is safe for all ages. Since the other tests involve blood draws, it will be dependent on the infant/child's weight and how much blood is needed.
Which test should I get?
It depends on what is prompting you to test and what you would like to find out. Fill out the application form and we can discuss over phone.
How long does it take to get the test results?
Cellular Nutrition Assay results are available in 5-7 business days after the receipt of sample. GI Microbial test results are in 14 business days; Lipoprotein test results are in 7-10 business days; and Methyl Detox Profile results are in 7-10 business days.
How do I take these tests?
The GI Microbial Assay Plus test is taken in your home and samples are shipped to the lab via Fed Ex. All other tests (blood draws) should be taken at the designated draw site for your chosen test or at your doctor's office. We will discuss over phone.